We are growing trees, metaphorically and at times literally. We are in business to deliver high quality, creative, and most importantly, effective websites for those who require them. With 8 years of experience in web development and a keen eye for current trends, we are able to provide service competitive in the current market. Not only do we guarantee that, but we are always thinking ahead. Imagination and creativity are qualities we strive to keep in the forefront of our consciousnesses.

In the process of doing so, we want to put back into our local Detroit community. We want to contribute directly to our community and then, with any ripple from a wave, to the world at large. Our goal as a company, in the early stages, is to donate 10% of our earnings to specific community projects or causes. As our company grows and the seed becomes a tree, the percentage will exponentially increase. This will be done directly as possible to avoid shaving off of important funds from unnecessary bureaucracy from too large, abstract, and not easily accountable, albeit assumed well intentioned, existing institutions. Many of these projects will be initiated by ourselves or through other people we have developed a trusting relationship with. Projects will range from community gardening, enriching recreational ventures, educational facilitation, beautification in general, and any other reasonable ideas that come about. Every being on this planet deserves the tools to survive and to get some kind of love, which then reciprocates back, and everyone benefits. Unfortunately, many come into this world closed off from much of this. This is our honest attempt to contribute in as humble a manner as we can conceive at this point. We absolutely encourage serious input and/or criticism from anyone who feels they have it. Of course, we also encourage your business!


Detroit City Council

Web Design.

Whether you need E-Commerce, Intranet development, a custom Web application, or simply a place to display company information online, our Web development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Content Management.
Custom Programming.
Information Architecture.
Mobile Development.

Web Applications

When you need your Web site to go beyond the basic online brochure, only highly skilled Web programmers can make it happen. Our team of experienced Web programmers can create custom .NET business applications to meet your objectives.

ASP.NET Applications.
Online Stores (i.e. Using merchant accounts and/or paypal).
Intranets and Extranets.
Internet Applications.